This week: Persian cats, grooming, pet microchipping, pet obesity and more!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

housecallcatThis Saturday, be on the watch for our latest episode of Tails from The Cat Doctor, which addresses problems and decisions that many owners face. Starring a beautiful Persian cat named Wuzzle, we address proper cat grooming practices, dealing with eye problems, pet obesity and weight management, microchipping, and much more. There are important lessons to be learned in this episode! For instance, do you know the number one mistake owners make when they adopt pets with microchips? Do you know the best ways to prevent matted fur on your cats, regardless of their hair length? These simple lessons will help you keep your cat happier, healthier, and safer for years to come …and you can learn them all while watching us examine one of the most handsome cats in the world!

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